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    • How to Get The Most Medicinal Benefits From Them
    • Immune Boosting Herbal Recipes
    • How To Videos for Medicine Making
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When you learn the best herbs for yourself, and your particular condition, and then know how to make your own remedies, it can help you feel incredibly confident when it comes time to put that knowledge into practice! And it's Fun!

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Natural and herbal therapeutics can be expensive! Especially when you consider a little 1 ounce bottle of tincture costs about $12. Learning to make your own from scratch can save you thousands of dollars, and you get the best remedies for you! 

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Learning to use plants as medicine helps you to rely less on harsh toxic drugs, and more on the plants that have been here for thousands of years, just waiting to be used, sustainably. Thus, keeping those chemicals out of our soils, water, and food!

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