Stop Stressin' & Guessin' About

What Herbs Are Safe For Your Kids

& Start To Feel Confident With The Natural Remedies You Choose

So That You Can Take Your Family's Health Back Into Your Own Hands
And Save Yourself Tons Of Time, Money, & Frustration

Stop Stressin' & Guessin' About

What Herbs Are Safe For Your Kids

& Start To Feel Confident With The Natural Remedies You Choose

So That You Can Take Your Family's Health Back Into Your Own Hands
And Save Yourself Tons Of TimeMoney, & Frustration

Figuring Out

What Herbs Are Good For Your Kids

Can Be So Overwhelming


You know the gig, something happens to your kiddo, and you head to google it to find the best natural remedy 

  • Herbs for "fill in the blank" problem...
  • Is this the right herb?
  • How much do you give them?
  • When do you give it to them?
  • Are they old enough for this herb?
  • Will this even work at all?

And then you’re inundated with so many herbs, but no clarity on how to use them.

Or worse yet, you choose an herb or two, then a few days later read some other article saying it’s toxic.  

What in the heck are you supposed to do with all of that?

How many hours do you want to spend in your day researching all of it, and finding who you can trust out there?


Speaking of Who Can You Trust...

Our Western Medical System Is Broken...

You see, they have not set us up for success.  

They’ve taught us that there’s always an instant fix pill for whatever ails you.

 What they don’t tout is all of the side effects and negative consequences of choosing those instant-fix pills

 They’ve trained us to rely on them, so they can continue to profit as they make us all sicker and sicker.

 They also don’t tell you that most pharmaceutical drugs are derived from the medicinal properties of plants

Because let’s face it, if they did, those big Pharma execs wouldn’t have a 6th vacation home and big fat wallets.

Their Focus Is On Sick Care

Not Empowering You With HEALTH Care!

If they let you know all of that... 

You’d Feel Confident & Take Your Family’s Health Back Into Your Own Hands.

And boy howdy, the powers that be certainly don’t want that!

And If you haven’t noticed… 

The Cost Of Natural Remedies Is Going Nowhere But Up

When was the last time you checked out how much an herbal tincture was, or a bottle of elderberry syrup? 

I went a few weeks ago, and a 1 ounce herbal tincture was $17.99.

If that were a tincture of echinacea, and your family was sick, that bottle would be gone in less than a day.  It adds up quickly.

And, it's no wonder so many that try natural remedies, run back to the drug store.

With the cost of both being outrageous, and the overwhelm of learning it all.

It's enough to make your head spin until you go dizzy. And, that may just lead you feeling a little yucky as you head back into their strategically designed trap.

So, what's going to happen

When You Keep Relying On Our Crooked Medical System...

 Will you keep paying exorbitant prices for their drugs? For the doctor's visits? 

 Adding more and more pills to the pile, to fix the problems the other pills caused…

 What will you do the next time our world falls apart and there's a shortage of all their instant fix drugs?

 Will you keep spinning your wheels trying to find the right remedy on Dr. Google, and then give up and run back to the drug store for that bottle of mystery syrup with all of the ingredients you can’t even pronounce?

Leaving you feeling just a tad bit guilty, knowing there’s still got to be a better answer.

 Or head over to that Facebook forum of all the ‘Natural Moms’ who have all the “right” answers that never seem too safe?

When you start to

Understand The Most Safe & Effective Herbs For Your Family… 

And how to use them,

You open up a world of empowerment, endless possibilities and an incredible amount of money saving too!

Imagine, the next time one of your kids just starts to sniffle, or you get that tickle in your throat, you can run to your own medicine cabinet, and know that what you're choosing is the best for your kids.

No added chemicals or preservatives.

Just good old plant medicine that you can trust!

You'll begin to feel this inner peace of knowing the right herbs, and when they will work.

You'll know which ones are safe

And how in the heck to get your kids to take them, so you don’t have to rely on the hospitals at all.

Yet you can feel good knowing that they’re there if you REALLY need them.

Not that you have to depend on them.

It’s an amazing feeling, this I know!

And when you have a guide to help you along the way, who’s been in the trenches helping other kids, and mommas just like you, you take the fast track to becoming an empowered and confident healer for your family!

 That’s Why I Created...


Apothecary Momma 

An Online

Herbal Mentorship Just For Moms!

So That You Can Feel Confident & Empowered Healing Your Family!


When You Become An Apothecary Momma You’ll Get Access To…

Ask An Herbalist Live Q & A's

Sometimes you just want an answer, an answer that's clear and specific for your needs. Every other week we have a live Q & A where I'll answer your questions about the best herbs for whatever you may be facing with your kids & their health. Questions like...

🍃 What herbs can help my kids sleep better?

🍃 Is this a safe herb while breastfeeding?

🍃 What should we put inside our first aid kit?

🍃 My pre-teen is getting pimples, what can I do?

2 Live Herb Classes Per Month

The beauty of herbalism is that it's ongoing learning. Like, it's pretty much impossible to get bored. And, that's why we have bi-weekly deep dive herbal workshop intensives! We cover all kinds of great things in these live classes like...

🌼 Herbs To Help Your Kids Thrive In School

🌼 Holiday Chill Pill (Herbs To Calm The Nerves)

🌼 Herbal Gifting & Recipes

🌼 Warming Herbs For Winter Weather


As An Apothecary Momma You’ll Gain Confidence & Discover…

How To Choose The Right Herbs At The Right Time  

Understanding the foundational language of herbalism is essential as you begin to master the art of choosing the right herbs for your family. These lessons will help you grow into an empowered & confident momma with your herbal remedies.

Remedies For The Most Common Ailments Children Face

Monthly lessons are added that will help you choose the right herbs to help your family. You'll understand why they work, so that you can feel that inner peace and confidence. You can know you’re doing the right thing for your family

You'll Get Access To The Ever Growing Library Of Lessons On...

Not All Herbs Are Safe For Everyone 

A lot of it can depend on what life stage you and your family are in. You will be able to explore Apothecary Momma based upon life stages, and the most common health complaints that come about.


Let’s face it, life changes a lot when you’re pregnant. Everywhere you turn you see the signs “Not safe during pregnancy” So we’ll cover what you CAN do during pregnancy, and how to make these natural remedies taste good for you!

🍃 What herbs are safe 

🍃 Morning Sickness

🍃 Help, I’ve got CANKLES!

🍃 Agh... I can't sleep

Infancy Years

Your babe is precious, and I know you want the best when it comes to making them grow into health-abundant beings. In this section, you’ll be able to know the perfect remedies for your little love and the most common issues babies face.

🌼 Cradle cap

🌼 Colic

🌼 Teething

🌼 Diaper Rash

Toddler Years

As your wee little one grows, they’ll be able to handle different herbs, and they’ll also be faced with different issues. Many of which can be helped by the power of plants. In the toddler years we’ll be covering issues such as

🍃 Terrible twos

🍃 Colds & Flu

🍃 Tummy Aches

🍃 Bumps & Bruises

Primary Years

Wow! You’ve done it! You’ve helped your kiddos move through the toddler years, it’s time to celebrate! And, with that comes new issues these active kiddos are faced with. So, in this section you’ll find remedies for common health issues school aged kiddos face like…

🌼 Catching every bug or cold and flu

🌼 Hyperactivity

🌼 Focus

🌼 Nervous Anxiety

Teens & Tweens

Bless their sweet ever evolving hormones! It’s no easy feat being a teen, or a tween, especially with the pressures of today's world. In this section we’ll cover some of the major issues our teens and tween face, such as…

🍃 Acne

🍃 Painful periods

🍃 Mental health and support

🍃 Oily skin


Whole Body Healing With Herbs

Sometimes you have a tummy ache, and sometimes the whole family has a tummy ache. And that’s why as Apothecary Momma continues to grow, you’ll be able to search for the remedies you need by the body systems they help.

Skin Health

Your skin is your largest organ, and it shows a lot about overall health. In this section, we’ll cover the best remedies for various skin conditions. Think…

🌼 Diaper rash

🌼 Cradle Cap

🌼 Acne

🌼 Ring worm

Tummy Troubles

They happen for all of us, from infancy to death. They can be embarrassinguncomfortable and downright painful. So, in this section, we’ll cover all those digestive issues your kiddos tend to face, all the fun things to talk about

🍃 Constipation

🍃 Diarrhea

🍃 Vomiting

🍃 Tummy Aches

First Aid Issues

Life's an adventure! And, well with adventure, comes injury! Thankfully, there’s a plant for that, and in this section we’ll cover all those first aid woes.

🌼 Sprains & Strains

🌼 Cuts & Scrapes

🌼 Bug Bites & Bee Stings

🌼 And all the itchy skin things

Brain & Nervous System

Life isn’t easy, for any of us. And when our brain isn’t working as well as we know it could, and our nerves are all frazzled, it gets even tougher. And, when this happens for our kiddos, its can be so hard for the whole family. So in this section we cover herbs to support things like

🍃 Lack of focus

🍃 Anxiety

🍃 Memory retention

Immune Health

When our kiddos are not feeling well, all that pressure falls on us moms. We’re the healers, we’re the nurturers and caretakers. So, in this section we’ll cover all the things to keep them well, and to kick the sickness with a quickness

🌼 Colds & Flu

🌼 Runny Nose

🌼 Coughs

🌼 Congestion


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Hi, I'm Mel

I’m a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, host of The Herbalist’s Path Podcast, but most importantly, I’m the momma of a sweet young daughter. I have this crazy passion for teaching other mommas how to use plants as medicine in the most safe and effective ways so that you can save your family time and money as you become a confident and empowered healer in your home. You see, I’m a firm believer that the more people that use plants as medicine, the more chance we have to make this world a better, healthier place. So, I’m on a mission to inspire a movement where there's an herbalist in every home… AGAIN! And there’s no better people to help make herbalism #SpreadLikeWildFlowers than mommas just like you! So thank you for being here, and allowing me to guide you on your journey down the herbalist’s path!

I’m so confident that you are going to love what you learn inside of Apothecary Momma that, if for some crazy reason, you don’t like what you see inside of Apothecary Momma, you can cancel at any time. Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen for you, though, of course we’ll be sad to see you go.

Don't Just Take It From Me...


Summing Up What You Get...

▶ Live Calls Every Week 
  • 2 Live Q & A Calls Per Month
  • 2 Deep Dive Workshops Per Month

 Herbs Through The Life Stages

  • Pregnancy
  • Infancy
  • Toddlers
  • Primary Years
  • Teens & Tweens

▶ Herbs For The Body Systems

  • Skin Issues
  • Tummy Troubles
  • The Brain & Nervous System
  • Immune System Health
  • First Aid Situations
▶ Apothecary Momma Bonuses 
  • Downloadable Herb Recipes 
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  • Community of Other Supportive Apothecary Mommas & Grand Mommas!
  • Ongoing Herbal Learning
  • Confidence & Empowerment In Choosing The Right Herbs For Your Family When You Need Them

Givin' You All The FAQ's

Become An Apothecary Momma 

So You Can Feel Confident As You

 Take Your Family's Health Back Into Your Own Hands

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The information I’ve provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.
*Always remember to contact your healthcare provider when considering the use of botanical medicine as a possible treatment option and the medical considerations. While the information in this program is absolutely relevant, herbs work differently for each person and each condition.
*I am a trained herbalist and not a licensed or registered healthcare practitioner. I cannot diagnose health conditions, nor prescribe medicines legally; I am not a medical doctor. However, I will recommend or suggest medicinal herbs for various health complaints, as I do believe in the safety and efficacy of botanical medicine and lifestyle changes.