Culinary Herbs: Savory Medicine Already in Your Pantry

Today I am thinking about culinary herbs and man, oh man, did I get hungry writing this blog post! I know we're all about to begin feasting as much as possible, and there is a lot of medicine going into the food and traditional dishes that are made around this time a year. So, I figured we'd catch up on some of them, learn a little history, learn a little medicinal value and get ready to get our grub on with a huge dose of gratitude. Like the gratitude I have for you all!

Did you know there's a whole entire medicine chest in your kitchen cabinet?! And as you're making your turkey, gravy and all of the side dishes that you are really using a heck of a lot of great herbal medicines? Pretty cool.

A lot of us aren't able to travel or even able to hang out with family. I'm in Oregon and today is the 18th of November and we are on another lock down where all the restaurants are closed and we're not to be in groups of greater than six people. So I know that's really hard on a lot of...

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