Discover How to Heal Yourself, So That You Can Live Your Life FREE From Pain & Inflammation...

Without the Scary Side Effects

Healing yourself from the ROOT CAUSE of the problem is the absolute best, and believe it or not, the EASIEST to way to ditch your body aches & pains, and stubborn weight gain!

 You can do it naturally, with the help of Herbs & Plants!

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Mountain Mel's Heal Your Body From Pain and Inflammation


Whether you’ve been dealing with brain fog, or irritability you just can’t kick, or perhaps it’s those aching joints, belly bloat, or the stubborn rash you’re so embarrassed of. Digging to the root cause of your inflammation, and healing your body is the best way to get back to living your life free of pain, irritability, eczema, brain fog, belly bloat, and the overall inflammation.

In this 4 part workshop series, you'll discover how you can live your life free from pain and inflammation without harsh side effects! I'll walk you through the essential steps that Empower YOU to Take Your Health Back! 

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Living A Healthy Life In Our Society Is Really Hard!

We’re constantly fed commercials about the latest & “greatest” processed foods. Scientists that formulate the foods to get you hooked, and they create drugs that keep you addicted, that end up giving you even more harsh side effects.

Political and life circumstances that breed chronic stress more than any of us can comprehend.

All of these things result in inflammation in our bodies which can turn up as weight gain, joint pain, skin rashes, brain fog, irritability and other chronic diseases.

If you're like me, maybe you've put your whole life on hold thinking, "I'll get back to my favorite things in life, once I get rid of this weight, this joint pain, this stubborn rash..."

Ya, I've absolutely been there with all of that!

Or, maybe you've tried to figure out how to fix yourself and get healthy, only to be completely overwhelmed by all of the information out on the internet.

Who can you trust? How do I do that? What does it all even mean?

 I totally get it. It just leaves your head spinning with so much information, and no true direction.  

And the more you try to get out of it, the more you're pulled back in. It's a vicious cycle & it's totally not your fault!


But what happens if you CAN'T figure it out...

If you can't heal your body?

Do you just keep your life on hold?

Keep gaining weight? Feel even more joint pain? Maybe the brain fog gets so heavy, you can't focus no matter how hard you try?

Or, maybe you just spend less and less enjoyable time with your family and friends...

I’m curious… 

Which one is it for you?

The Harsh Reality Is:

If You Don’t Figure Out The Root Cause of Your Inflammation

You’re Going To Stay Sick, Your Going To Remain In Pain

And That’s Going to Spiral Into More Pain & More Health Problems As Time Goes On

Show me just one person that has fully healed themselves, that didn’t take time to address the root cause of the problem.

You can’t!

Because the forms of healing that are picked up at the local drug store are just masking the problem. They are NOT healing you, or addressing the root cause of your problem/s.

And when they mask the problem, it’s often causing even deeper problems.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting healthier, having more energy, feeling more alive…

Then you are in the RIGHT place!

In this workshop, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you CAN Heal Your Body, & You can Do It From The Root Cause of the Problem! So that you can have LASTING Change!

And Now For The Great News...

You CAN Heal Your Body From The Inside Out!

In this 4 part workshop series, you'll discover how you can live your life free from pain and inflammation without harsh side effects!

I'll walk you through the essential steps that Empower YOU to Take Your Health Back!

I guarantee that by the end of this workshop, you will know the foundational process to start doing the work to Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life!

And You Can Get Access To This Life Changing Workshop For FREE Today!

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When You Join This Workshop You'll Discover...

What The Big Guys Don’t Want You To Know About Inflammation

πŸƒ The truth about inflammation, and how it’s all connected throughout your brain, emotions, skin, gut, and overall health and well being

πŸƒ Discover how you’re not alone when it comes to the pain you’re dealing with

πŸƒ Learn where inflammation is rooted from, and how it can be a revolving process, if you don’t address it now

The Good Guys & The Bad Guys Fighting Inside Your Body

πŸƒ Discover the organ in your body that you may have not known about

πŸƒ It’s responsible for your immune health, Your energy, synthesis of vitamins, Your mental state, fat storage, and so much more

πŸƒ The secret to feeding this organ, and feeding your body

How To Put Out The Fire Inside Your Body


πŸƒ The single most important step to living your life free of inflammation

πŸƒ Discover the most common causes of inflammation in your body

πŸƒ Uncover the sneaky sources of these inflammatory triggers, that you didn't know were there  

The Plants That Can Help You Heal


πŸƒ The powerful herbs that can start your digestive process before you even take your first bite!

πŸƒ The best plants to help relieve belly bloat and tummy pain

πŸƒ The secret herbs that can actually heal your gut lining!

You'll Also Get These Extra Bonuses...


🌼Your Symptoms Checklist

So you can look back later, and see how far you've come!

🌼Food Feelings Journal

So you can track how different foods affect your body and mind

🌼Guide To Hidden Sources of Inflammatory Triggers

So you can really dig in to investigate what may be causing your inflammation, and stop letting those sneaky triggers make you feel bad!

🌼Guided Video Series Breaking Down The Whole Process For You

So that you can see how easy it is to feel great again, without all of the scary side effects of drugs

🌼Inspired To Live Your Best Life Again!

Because you deserve it!

Mountain Mel Herbal Teacher

Hi! I’m Mel


I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Environmental Educator, Wilderness Therapist, Backpacking Guide, founder of herbal products company, Mountain Mel’s Essential Goods, host of The Herbalist’s Path Podcast, and the mother of a beautiful little girl and a few fur babies living and loving life up in the foothills of Mount Hood Oregon! (ya, maybe that’s a run-on sentence, but I’ve lived a lot of lives and wear a lot of hats. Don’t we all?)

Anyway, I’m super passionate about teaching people just like you, to use plants as medicine in a safe and effective way, and have fun while doing it!

I have been studying nature, environmental sciences, outdoor adventure,  and plant medicine for well over 20 years, and I can’t wait to share my experience to you!

Herbalism is both an art and a science and the more teachers you learn from the better you evolve into your special way of using plants as medicine. 

One of the most beautiful things about learning to use plants as medicine, is there’s no such thing as boredom.  The learning goes on forever and ever. There will never be a day that I’m not amazed or in awe about something a plant does in this world.  It’s so much fun, and so cool!

I truly believe that the more people that learn to use plants as medicine in our world the better chance we have of saving our beautiful planet and if you haven't noticed that's something we need to do really really soon. 

I'm honored to know you, and be a guide on your journey down The Herbalist Path! Together We Can Make herbalism #SpreadLikeWildflowers


Mel's enthusiasm for plants is infectious. Her classes feel more like a fun gathering than a learning activity, keeping everyone engaged and not feeling like you are being overwhelmed with information, but absorbing it all at the same time. Phrases such as 'Calendula is my friendula' are forever etched in my brain. Her classes have definitely had a positive impact on the health of myself and my family. Things such as elderberry syrup and fire cider have become staples in my household that we make every sick season thanks to her classes. Mel is my favorite teacher and I am thankful for every lesson she has taught me.” 

- Cari G. ~ Mom of 2

This Program Has Helped Past Students & It Can Help You Too!

Trish P 

"I eliminated one medication and significantly reduced a second medication I was prescribed, lost 12 pounds and counting, basically eliminated a couple of my trigger foods , generally sleeping better, less joint stiffness and pain and generally feeling better. It was a bit scary and overwhelming in the beginning, but Mel did a great job leading our journey and answering our many questions."


Sol C

"Mel’s approach to the elimination diet part of the course was helpful and helped me unlock foods that were causing inflammation in my body. As a trail runner, I can say that I am thriving and truly notice a difference in my training as I’ve incorporated herbs and the right foods for my gut. Thank you Mel for offering such a comprehensive course! I highly recommend it to anyone curious about herbalism."


Anne VS

"This class will open your eyes to the simple & practical steps you can take to heal your gut naturally using herbs. Many of these herbs are growing in your yard. I'm now trying to eat & plant new herbs in my garden & to plant a whole raised bed of edible flowers for tea making. Mel is great at teaching & at answering questions. I also had many good tips from my fellow classmates. It was well worth the time!"


I'm In! How Do I Get This?

I Do Give A FAQ…

Your Most Popular Questions Answered Here!

Register For The 4 Part Workshop Series Now!

🌿 Learn how you can take your health back naturally, & without all of the scary side effects!

This Workshop Normally $197, but Today You Can Get It For $147 Today!

You are more than worth it!

I Am So Ready For This!

Mel is like a shiny radiant herbal fairy, and all I want to do is focus and absorb, and be a part of the hum- her energy is so big and amazing! Its so obvious her whole heart and soul is in it, and that she cares so deeply about sharing- a wise sage, that isn't boring! It’s fun to listen to her, and hear what's coming next.  I appreciate how she lightens the tone, and keeps it relaxed, fun, and full of info.  And really, I'm a seeker- I can't stop eating information, lol. I'm a how does it tick type, so knowing about immunity is blowing my mind.  I love it. Seriously,  this is amazing- I took the afternoon off, so I could dive in!!! YAY!!! πŸ’š SO grateful for Mel. Really.” 

Amanda S. ~ Mom of 2, Yoga Instructor & Herb Student

The Herbalist's Path Is Proud To Be An

*The information I’ve provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.
*Always remember to contact your healthcare provider when considering the use of botanical medicine as a possible treatment option and the medical considerations. While the information in this program is absolutely relevant, herbs work differently for each person and each condition.
 *I am a trained herbalist and not a licensed or registered healthcare practitioner. I cannot diagnose health conditions, nor prescribe medicines legally; I am not a medical doctor. However, I will recommend or suggest medicinal herbs for various health complaints, as I do believe in the safety and efficacy of botanical medicine and lifestyle changes.