A Four Day Event To Help You Map A Year Of Natural Healing Remedies For Your Family

FREE 4-Day Party: May 28th-31st



If you're even thinking about making herbal remedies, the time to plan really is now!

Watch this short video to learn why:


Even if you’re crazy busy with all the mom life things…...

Taking time to plan out your herbal medicine needs is the best way to make sure you’re stocked and ready with natural remedies before you need them.

There are 4 essential steps steps that need to happen before you start making your remedies so you can have a medicine chest stocked with things you'll actually use:

1. Think of what you need to be prepared for

2. See what ingredients you may already have

3. Decide the best application for you

4. Start making great medicine, just how you need it

Planning out what you need to be prepared for can make or break your ability to take care of all the colds, the ouchies, the whoopsies, and boo boos for the year...

Getting this right and can be the difference between having your remedies ready, versus having to run to the drug store, when everyone in your family is so sick you can barely move.

It's also why so many people get stuck and never actually make the remedies they want, and that will save their sanity and money. This party will help you move forward and be ready to make all those remedies, without the overwhelm spinning you into that whole not taking action thing.

There's no better way to plan your herbal medicine making for the year! 

Oftentimes it gets so exciting to start making your own remedies, learning new plants you can use as medicine, and just diving in head first. But, two things I’ve done, and have seen tons of my students do, that this party will help you NOT do:

  1. Get overwhelmed with all of it, and end up making none of it, forcing you back to the drugstore the next time everyone in your house is sick
  2. Make all the things, in a beautiful flurry of herbs flinging everywhere, only to see them years later, collecting dust and never being use. Or, just not having a clue of how or why to use them.

Let’s NOT let that be you, ok?

This party is the best place to start for anyone wanting to make your herbal remedies to keep your family well, for the in the next year.

During this 4-Day Party, you will...

Figure out exactly what herbal remedies you need for the year              

Follow a step-by-step process to getting your natural medicine chest ready

Understand what goes into your medicine chest, you can have  remedies you’ll actually use.



Throughout the party, you'll have the chance to win awesome herbal classes like...

Herbal Safety & Botany Basics

Herbs To Thrive In School

Herbal Tincture Workshop

Medicine  Makin'  Mommas


Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Mel!

I’ve been making herbal remedies for a few decades now.

I started with jars everywhere, some labeled, some not. Loads of moldy mystery mistakes, and tons of money down the drain. 

The moment I heard an herb was good for me, I went out to try to make some kind of remedy with it, even though I had no clue what I was doing.

Eventually, I ended up with shelves upon shelves of all this “medicine” but really, I had no idea how to use it, or when I could use it. Or, if it was even good anymore. That was a LOT of trial and error.

As I continued with my fascination, I got more organized, and ended up with an full product line of herbal remedies that I sold in big time health food stores & holistic healthcare practitioners offices too. So ya, I had to get organized, and I had to plan out my medicine making missions for the year. Sometimes i in a BIG BIG way! 

Now, as I plan the remedies I need for my family, I’m making what I know we’ll need. I’m not wasting my time, our money, or those beautiful precious plants.  Sounds kinda nice, doesn’t it?

It’s really is!

And, I can’t wait to walk you through this fun and simple process too! You’re going to really appreciate the sanity it brings, especially during cold and flu season! 

You ready for this?


 Here's what some past students have had to say!


Join the Herbal Medicine Planning Party and get on the fast track to getting your remedies made without spinning in overwhelm!

Join us May 28-31 to plan your herbal remedy making adventures!