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Herbs for Optimal Gut Health

Learn to use Herbs for Your Digestive Health, in a Safe & Effective Way!

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Gain a New Level of Confidence in Knowing What Herbs to Turn to Just When You Need them!

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Sounds Pretty Good, Right? But is This Program Really The One For You?

Maybe You know natural remedies work, but You want to know on a deeper level how and why they work. You’re ready to learn exactly how you can start to take control of Your own health, and start using plants as medicine, confidently.

Whether you’re 

  • a normally healthy person just trying to figure out why You’re so tired, lethargic, and just can't get back to the energy You once had
  • trying hard to help the people in Your life that are dealing with inflammation, skin issues, bloating, tummy upset, and mysterious food intolerances, but You want to help them naturally
  • already learning about herbs and helping people in your community, but You're ready to dive deeper into understanding what’s going on at the root level of inflammation, and how you can use herbs strategically, safely, and effectively to help Yourself and Your people
  • You are ready to heal Your body from the inside out

This is the place for You! When You join Herbs for Optimal Gut Health, You’re going to gain the tools, knowledge and skill to know exactly how to choose the right herbs at the right time for all things digestive health.

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Living A Healthy Life In Our Society Is Really Hard!

We’re constantly fed commercials about the latest & “greatest” processed foods. Scientists that formulate the foods to get you hooked, and they create drugs that keep you addicted, that end up giving you even more harsh side effects.

Political and life circumstances that breed chronic stress more than any of us can comprehend.

All of these things result in inflammation in our bodies which can turn up as weight gainjoint painskin rashesbrain fogirritability and other chronic diseases.

If you're like me, maybe you've put your whole life on hold thinking, "I'll get back to my favorite things in life, once I get rid of this weight, this joint pain, this stubborn rash..."

Ya, I've absolutely been there with all of that!

Or, maybe you've tried to figure out how to fix yourself and get healthy, only to be completely overwhelmed by all of the information out on the internet.

Who can you trust? How do I do that? What does it all even mean?

 I totally get it. It just leaves your head spinning with so much information, and no true direction.  

And the more you try to get out of it, the more you're pulled back in. It's a viscous cycle & it's totally not your fault!


But what happens if you CAN'T figure it out...

If you can't heal your body?

Do you just keep your life on hold?

Keep gaining weight? Feel even more joint pain? Maybe the brain fog gets so heavy, you can't focus no matter how hard you try?

Or, maybe you just spend less and less enjoyable time with your family and friends...

Which one is it for you?

By The End Of This Course You Will Have:

🍃 A clear understanding of how Your Digestive System Works inside Your body

🍃 The ability to build Your own Herbal Medicine Chest

🍃 Access to the step by step process to heal your body from the inside out and finally ditch your inflammation!

🍃 Know exactly which herb to reach for when someone in Your life needs You

🍃 Become an Herbal Medicine Making master for Yourself and Your Family

🍃 Confidence in choosing the right Herb when you need it

🍃 A lifetime of resources to help You know how to use herbs safely & effectively

🍃 A community of people on The Herbalist's Path journey with You 

🍃 The tools & ability to make Yourself Feel Like You Again!


Hear What Our Past Students Have To Say...

Solmaz C

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mel about herbs for gut health and the repair your gut program. Both courses were of great value considering the immense information and deep dive into each herb, plus the opportunity to communicate directly with Mel every week on zoom with the rest of the participants. Mel is amazing at answering questions and offering an approachable and fun way to learn about herbalism. I personally now incorporate Mel's Diges-Teas into my daily routine, and have become more familiar with identifying herbs in my garden and neighborhood. Plants like dandelion, calendula, and plantain are now in my toolkit. Mel’s approach to the elimination diet part of the course was helpful and helped me unlock foods that were causing inflammation in my body. As a trail runner, I can say that I am thriving and truly notice a difference in my training as I’ve incorporated herbs and the right foods for my gut. Thank you Mel for offering such a comprehensive course! I highly recommend it to anyone curious about herbalism!

Anne VS

"This class will open your eyes to the simple & practical steps you can take to heal your gut naturally using herbs. Many of these herbs are growing in your yard. I'm now trying to eat & plant new herbs in my garden & to plant a whole raised bed of edible flowers for tea making. Mel is great at teaching & at answering questions. I also had many good tips from my fellow classmates. It was well worth the time!"

Trish P 

"I eliminated one medication and significantly reduced a second medication I was prescribed, lost 12 pounds and counting, basically eliminated a couple of my trigger foods , generally sleeping betterless joint stiffness and pain and generally feeling better. It was a bit scary and overwhelming in the beginning, but Mel did a great job leading our journey and answering our many questions."

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Jessica B.  (AKA Addie’s Mom)

Mel helps you see how diving into the world of herbalism can enhance your life and help the planet. I have taken countless classes from this amazing human. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a charm and approachability that makes learning from her easy and fun.

Kat Z.

I’m glad we have lifetime access to the content as I’ll just have to squeeze in lessons here and there until I am done with this term of my school in Dec.  I have found it to be very informative and I look forward to learning more about the lymphatic system as I think have issues with mine, evidenced by swollen cankles and some pooling blood there as well. 44 is too young for that!! While I am behind, I will access the content as I have time and am so glad I signed up!! Thanks for being awesome and sharing all your knowledge!!

Amanda S.

I just wanted to tell you a few thoughts on the awesome Herbs class! I can honestly without bias say that your class was AMAZING. I am taking two classes, and the other one is a little.... boring. I am not connecting to it, and having a struggle with waiting until the last minute to do things. I guess I am finding out where my heart is, and thanks to you I am discovering what I am really passionate about.  Covid kept me home and gave me the chance to discover my love for plants and growing things, and also gave me the chance to take advantage of this amazing class you offered. I see you have others coming, when do they start?

Trish P.

I received the information I wanted in the class. I liked that Mel produced colorful, informative slides for each class in printable PDF format so I came away with a complete booklet that I was able to write my own notes in during the lectures. I especially liked that we could access the class information on our own timeline, plus we have unlimited access to the lessons for future reference. There was enough information that I can return to and delve deeper into for further understanding and exploration.

Module 1:

Your Digestive System, How It Works, What's it's Job:

In this section we’ll go over how your digestive system works, and you'll learn the roles of the organs that keep this system functioning well. This is imperative in setting you up for success as you start learning about herbs, and the best ways to use them, for Your Optimal Gut Health

You'll learn about:

🌼 Your Digestive System's JOB

🌼 Your Microbiome, and what it's all about

🌼 The Gut-Brain Connection

🌼 Your Immune System & Your Gut

🌼 The Difference In Probiotics & Prebiotics & Why They're So Important

🌼 Why it's so important to care for You Digestive System 

This will set you up to think Strategically when it comes to knowing in which Herbs to reach for, and when you need them.

Module 2:

Bitter Herbs:  Who Are They & What Do They Do?

In this section we’ll dive into what bitter means, and why these herbs are so important for You digestive health.

🍃 We’ll cover at least 5 bitter herbs in depth

🍃 You’ll get a recipe on how to make medicine with each herb

🍃 You'll know how to grow the herb

🍃 Where you can find the herbs

🍃 How to make your own remedies with each herb

Module 3:

Carminative Herbs: Who Are They & What Do They Do?

You'll learn exactly what carminative means, and how these herbs help You and Your digestive system. This is the section where you learn to deal with embarrassing gassy issues and tummy upset

🌼 You’ll get a video monograph on at least 5 carminative herbs, and have a clear understanding of how you can use them

🌼 You’ll know how You can grow these herbs and where to source them

🌼 Learn how You can implement these herbs into Your daily life

🌼 Make Your own herbal medicine with Your new Carminative plant friends!

🌼 You'll get great recipes for each herb in this section

Module 4:

Demulcent Herbs: Who The Are & What Do The Do?

This is when You get to meet the slippery-est plant friends around.(yes, slippery-est is now a word...) These herbs are crucial to helping ease inflammation in your gut, and this module will help you learn all about what they do.

🍃 Who are the Demulcent Herbs, we'll cover 5 here

🍃 How can You use them to help improve Your gut health

🍃 Learn how to grow these herbs and where you can source them

🍃 Get great recipes and tips on how You can best bring these herbs into Your life

Module 5:

Anti-Inflammatory Herbs Specific For Your Gut

I know, You hear about "anti-inflammatory" all of the time. But, in this module You'll learn what in the heck that actually means. We’ll cover:

🌼 What anti-inflammatory herbs do for You

🌼 5 different herbs that can act as anti-inflammatories for Your digestive system

🌼 Learn how You can grow these herbs, and where You can find them

🌼 How You can bring them into Your life in a safe and effective way

🌼 Recipes to make Your own anti-inflammatory remedies

Module 6:

Stoking Your Digestive Fire

In this section we'll talk about plants that can fire up Your digestive system so that You can process and absorb what you eat while burning off waste products. If we have a strong digestive fire, we are able to easily digest food and absorb its nutrients. 

🍃 Learn the foods and herbs that help Your gut to be able to absorb more nutrients and process Your foods in a healthier way

🍃 This is critical in actually reducing the inflammation in your body

🍃 This section, Your taste buds are going to get extra happy because we'll be sharing all kinds of delicious recipes to stoke Your digestive fire!

By The End of This Program...

You will feel so empowered, and confident in knowing what herbs to use to keep Your digestive system in check! YOU will be the herbalist in Your home!

🌿 You’ll get a video monograph, and downloadable notes on at least 25 herbs, and have a clear understanding of how You can use them

🌿 You'll say good bye to the days of not knowing what to do about Your tummy trouble woes

🌿 You’ll know how to turn Your food into Your medicine

🌿 You'll be ready to Grow Your Own Digestive Herb Garden 

🌿 You'll be ready to live Your life full of Health, Happiness, and an Abundance of Energy!

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When You Join During This Limited Time Period You’ll Get:


🍃 Confidence On How To Use Herbs For Your Gut Health

🍃 A solid understanding of how your digestive system works, so you can recognize patterns, and learn to choose the right herbs to use for each unique condition

🍃 In depth video Monographs on over 25 herbs that you can use to keep your digestive system functioning at its best

🍃 Continuous access so that you can learn on your own timeline. We totally get how busy life can be!

🍃 Recipes for each herb in the course including step-by-step instructions on how to make Your own gut lovin' remedies

🍃 Knowledge for a lifetime of keeping Yourself and Your family well throughout the year, every year!

🍃 Ready to plan Your Medicinal Herb Garden, as I guide you in how you can grow or forage each of the herbs we talk about in the course

🍃 Less Trips To The Doctor, More trips to your own personal Herbal Apothecary 

You’ll be given one module a week, coming out on Mondays. This will allow you to take it all in, and build a solid foundation for being able to use herbs safely and effectively, to keep your digestive system in check.

We release the modules slowly like that, so You don’t become overwhelmed with all of the information, and You’re able to retain it longer, and implement what You’ve learned into your life. And don't worry, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS, and access to any updates as we go along!

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🌼 Access to Keep Yourself & Your Family Well Mini-Course, filled with some of my personal favorite recipes I turn to when sickness comes around in our family. (a $97 Value)

🌼 Included in our workshop Heal Your Body From The Inside Out, which includes the exact program that has helped my past students lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks, get off of diabetes medications, and kill their sugar cravings, increased energy, deeper sleep, glowing skin, and so much more!

🌼 20% Discount on Mountain Mel's Herbal Products for life! (priceless!)

🌼 A fun community of others learning about herbalism together (value of $97 who am I kidding, healthy friendships and community are invaluable)

🌼 A detailed list of my favorite suppliers, aka how and where to get all their herbs and medicine making supplies ($57 value)

🌼 Discounts to some of my favorite woman owned organic herb farms!!! (This is HUGE and will Save You Money, well over the cost of this course!) ($$ Priceless & Never Ending Value)

🌼 Recommendations on my favorite books on herbalism to keep your studies growing all life long (It may become an addiction for you, but a very very very healthy addiction, and so worth it!) ($57 value)

🌼 Glossary to Herbal Actions affecting the Digestive System ~AKA, and guide into the language of herbalism in gut health ($97 Value)

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For Herbal Wisdom To Last Your Whole Life!

Invest In Yourself For Just $247 Now!

Mel is like a shiny radiant herbal fairy, and all I want to do is focus and absorb, and be a part of the hum- her energy is so big and amazing! Its so obvious her whole heart and soul is in it, and that she cares so deeply about sharing- a wise sage, that isn't boring! It’s fun to listen to her, and hear what's coming next.  I appreciate how she lightens the tone, and keeps it relaxed, fun, and full of info.  And really, I'm a seeker- I can't stop eating information, lol. I'm a how does it tick type, so knowing about immunity is blowing my mind.  I love it. Seriously,  this is amazing- I took the afternoon off, so I could dive in!!! YAY!!! 💚 SO grateful for Mel. Really.” 

Amanda S. ~ Mom of 2, Yoga Instructor & Herb Student

Let Me Be A Guide on Your Journey Down the Herbalist's Path

I’m so confident that I can help you learn to use plants as medicine safely, & effectively! If You start this program don't feel empowered to use herbs for all things related to Your Gut health. I will give You a 14 day refund guarantee!

Hey I'm Mel!

There's nothing that lights my fire more than teaching people how to use plants as medicine safely & effectively! Well, maybe heading outside & playing with my beautiful daughter tops that, but You get what I mean, right?

It would be an incredible honor to be a guide on Your Journey down The Herbalist's Path!

I’ve been studying clinical herbalism and how to use plants as medicine since the early 2000’s. This is no woo-woo course you’re about to dive into. I take complex scientific data and research, and I break it down for you into easy actionable steps that you can use to learn to not only use Plants as Medicine, but to grow your own medicinal herb garden, and make your very own medicine, that can be tailored to your specific needs!

I will be there to support you every step of the way. We’ll be doing live Q & A’s for 6 weeks to make sure You are fully supported on Your journey to learning to use herbs to help live Your best life!

I want nothing more in this world, than to Inspire You to Take Better Care of the Planet,  by Taking Better Care of Yourself! I truly believe that if we had an Herbalist in Every Home, that we could make this World a Better Place for People & the Planet! That is my entire mission behind teaching this course to You! Well, and to help You too, of course.

If you are not feeling empowered and like you’re on track to be confident in your ability to choose the right herb at the right time for Your gut health woes, after 14 days in the course, I will refund your money! Guaranteed!

Mel's enthusiasm for plants is infectious. Her classes feel more like a fun gathering than a learning activity, keeping everyone engaged and not feeling like you are being overwhelmed with information, but absorbing it all at the same time. Phrases such as 'Calendula is my friendula' are forever etched in my brain. Her classes have definitely had a positive impact on the health of myself and my family. Things such as elderberry syrup and fire cider have become staples in my household that we make every sick season thanks to her classes. Mel is my favorite teacher and I am thankful for every lesson she has taught me.” 

- Cari G. ~ Mom of 2

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