You CAN Make 

Safe & Effective Herbal Remedies

That Will Leave Your Kids Begging For More!

Instead Of Fussin’ & Fightin’ When It’s Time To Give Them Some Good Medicine.

Oh, and so you won’t have to worry the next time drug store shelves are empty of what you thought you needed 


You CAN Make 

Safe & Effective Herbal Remedies

That Will Leave Your Kids Begging For More!

Instead Of Fussin’ & Fightin’ When It’s Time To Give Them Some Good Medicine.

Oh, and so you won’t have to worry the next time drug store shelves are empty of what you thought you needed 


Hey Momma, Have You Ever...

  • Dreamed of having a better way to take care of your family, that didn't rely on our not so awesome medical system
  • Tried to get your kids to take your natural remedies but they refused ‘cause they were “icky” & your kids are picky
  • Thought about how cool it would be to sell your herbal goodies at the local market
  • Dabbled in making your own remedies before, but weren't sure if you were actually doing it right
  • Made your own herbal tinctures by pouring some vodka over some fresh plants, but couldn't tell if it worked for you
  • Gave it a go at making herbal salves, but they always came out too soft, or too hard, or just plain weird
  • Smelled that funky smell when you know you did something wrong with that remedy


How To Make Herbal Remedies That Actually Work

 Can Be So Overwhelming
& Costly Too 

There’s a ton of information out on the internet about making your own herbal remedies. 

Some of them are awesome,sadly, most are not.

There’s a ton of information out on the internet about making your own herbal remedies. Some of them are awesome, annnnd sadly, most are not. Which can result in a lot of wasted time, money down the drain, and tons of frustration. 

If you’ve ever wondered... 

  • Whether you should make that with fresh plants or dried plants?
  • How much alcohol do you put in there?
  • How long does it take before it’s ready?
  • How to make an herbal salve?
  • Can you infuse herbal oils with fresh plants?
  • What do those ratio numbers mean on a tincture bottle? Is that herb soluble in that solvent?

And the hundreds of other questions that can come up when it comes to making your herbal medicines, no fear, I’ve got you covered!


This Is Exactly Why I Created



Before I get into it, I need to show you something! But Only If You’re Ready To Make Medicine So Tasty Your Picky Kids Beg You For More?  

Think I’m Kidding? Look At This!

Wait, What?

Herbal Medicine CAN Taste Great?

You Caught That, Right?

Her kid was sick, and got so blown away by the remedies she made for her, and asked her for more! Woah, What? Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you how to do the exact same.

How would it feel to know you could make your own remedies and your kids would literally ask you for more, and that they actually worked!

Or how would it feel to know that the next time the drug store shelves are bare (you remember that this year, right?) that you can chill, knowing you’ve already got all the remedies you need. And, you even know what’s in them!

What if you were able to help that friend or family member who’s been sick or dealing with major health issues. And they texted you, mind blown, & to thank you that what you made them actually worked!

Heck Yes! I NEED This In My Life!

The Woman Behind


I’m a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, and a momma on a mission to inspire a movement where there’s an herbalist in every home… AGAIN!

Really, my biggest secret mission is to save the planet, and this is the only way I know how to do it!

After spending over 12 years running my own herbal product line that sold in big time health food stores, naturopathic doctors offices, and even REI, and running my own herbal apothecary where I formulated hundreds of products to help people live healthier lives, I have mastered the art & science behind high quality medicine makin’. 

I’m talkin’ about natural remedies that not only work great, but taste great, so that you want them to be part of your everyday life.

I may have some secret jedi skills due to my years as a bartender, but you’re in luck because now I’m wrapping all those skills into one framework to help you become a Medicine Makin’ Mixology Master, so you don’t have to spend your hours scrolling Dr. google, or the latest natural momma group thread for all the answers.

I was once in your shoes not fully sure of how I could really make this natural lifestyle thing happen.

That’s when I decided to dive deep into the world of herbal studies. I collected all the books, did all the courses, and went to all of the conferences. 

And even still, I remember a specific time when my daughter was 2. She got sick, and I scrolled Dr. Google, and all the natural momma groups. I got so overwhelmed with  everything trying to do the research, and just wanting to make sure my baby was ok.

So, I finally called my naturopath. And, she said, Mel, you know what to do here, you don’t need me!”

And it was in that moment that I was like, Wait, Woah, she’s sooooo right! I’m a friggin’ clinical herbalist, I own my own herbal apothecary, and I don’t know what to do for my kiddo, who’s got a cold.  It kinda made me chuckle, and that’s when I knew I had to help other moms from the overwhelm and struggle of the natural remedy world. I knew I had to take the complex science of it all, and make it easy to understand, ,and help them make remedies that taste so darn good their whole crew will beg for more!

And now I want  to help you do the same! You don’t have to go out and build a huge business of it (but you could) 

It’s Time To Mix It Up & Introduce You To 

Medicine Makin’ Mommas

This is a Step By Step process to help you make the most safe, effective, and tasty herbal remedies! So  you can become a Medicine Makin’ Master too

Are You Ready To Make Remedies That Actually Work, and Taste So Darn Good Your Family Can’t Resist?

So you can stop relying on our broken western medical system and all their toxic nasty drugs when it comes to your family’s health care. 


is HERE for YOU

Here’s What You Get Inside Medicine Makin’ Mommas

Medicine Makin Mixology Formula

In this module you’ll learn the most essential secrets to making remedies that ACTUALLY WORK! This is where the science comes in, to dance with the hippie dippie woo-woo, but don’t worry, I’ll break it on down and make it easy for you! So, in this module you’ll get: 

 Foundations Of Herbal Actions

 What In the heck herbs can do for you

 Energetics Of Herbs

 So you’ll know when you need a specific kind of herb

 Superbly Soluble

 If it ain't soluble in that menstruum, it ain't gonna work like you want it to

 Functional Formulation That Happifies Taste Buds

 This is where the super powered jedi mastery comes into play! Where you start to dance it all together to make that medicine that actually works, and tastes so good your kiddos will beg you for more!

There is a How To For You!  

Yes, yes, I know, you just want to know how to do it. And, I have a hunch that if you’re still reading this, you probably want to do it so it actually works… That’s why you get all the stuff inside the Medicine Makin’ Mixology Formula

And here, in the How To For You, you’re going to get the step by step processes to make all the herbal remedies. Yes, I cover scientific methods, and I also cover folk remedies too!

Making Herbal Tinctures

Infusing Herbal Oils

Herbal Glycerites

Acetum Extracts

Medicinal Honeys

Herbal Syrups

Blending Herbal Teas

How To Make Salves & Balms

Making Herbal Lotions & Creams

How To Make Poultices & Herbal Packs

And that’s just the start- I also have some special formula for skin care, aromatherapy, and even pet remedies too! All of these are included in the Medicine Makin’ Mixology Formula. But it doesn’t stop there- I also include recipes to put all those herbal remedies together into 

Wanna Take A Sneak Peek Of Inside Of Medicine Makin' Mommas


Wait, Did Someone Say 

In Addition To Everyting Already Inside Of Medicine Makin Momma
I’m also throwing in these booty kickin’ bonuses! 

Herb To Menstruum Ratio Chart

This handy guide will take all the guesswork our of the more scientific measurements for making your tinctures and glycerites. Plus, I also share dosage recommendations, and constrindications for pregnant mommas and your littles

Tincture Making Calculator!

Man, if I would have had this 20 years ago, I could have myself weeks worth of time with my brain spinning trying to figure out the right amounts of herb to how much menstruum I have. Let’s just say this little bonus will save your brain & keep you sane

Discounts Galore!

Wait, what! Yes, it’s true, investing in all of this stuff can seem like a lot right up front. Pssst, it will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the first year vs. all the crap at the drug store. But, nonetheless, I’ve partnered with some of my favorite companies to get you the discounts on the BEST herbal medicine makin’ supplies around!

Cheat Sheets, Label Templates, & Printable Guides Oh My!

Hey, I get it, you’re  mom, and mom life is busy! I want to make this easy for you, so you don't have to spin your wheels in research like I did for so many years! So, I’m giving you the best cheat sheets, templates, and guides a medicine makin’ momma can ask for!

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Buy It, Try It, Apply It! You’re Backed By Our Medicine Mommas
Money Back Guarantee

Listen, I know you’re going to love what’s inside, and the way it transforms how you make your remedies and care for your family! That’s why I’m beyond happy to offer up a 30 day money back guarantee! If you try what’s inside, and you aren’t diggin’ it, let us know and we’ll give you your money back. 

 By Now You’re Probably Recognizing This isn’t Just Some HIppie Dippy Herb Program 

Where I Tell You Just Go Dump Some Vodka Over A Plant, And Viola, You’re Good To Go!

You’re Going To Learn The Science Of Making Herbal Remedies That WORK! 

And, The FUN Of Making Herbal Remedies That Are Yummy As All Get Out!

I’m Talkin’ Irresistibly Delicious Even!

Don’t Just Take It From Me, Check Out These Mommas & What They’ve Got To Say


I’m Given’ All The FAQ’s!      

The information I’ve provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.
*Always remember to contact your healthcare provider when considering the use of botanical medicine as a possible treatment option and the medical considerations. While the information in this program is absolutely relevant, herbs work differently for each person and each condition.
*I am a trained herbalist and not a licensed or registered healthcare practitioner. I cannot diagnose health conditions, nor prescribe medicines legally; I am not a medical doctor. However, I will recommend or suggest medicinal herbs for various health complaints, as I do believe in the safety and efficacy of botanical medicine and lifestyle changes.