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If you’ve been dealing with brain fog, or irritability you just can’t kick, or perhaps it’s those aching joints, belly bloat, or the stubborn rash you’re so embarrassed of.

Digging to the root cause of your inflammation, and healing your body is the best way to get back to living your life free of pain, irritability, eczema, brain fog, belly bloat, and the overall inflammation.

In this 4 part workshop series, you'll discover how you can live your life free from pain and inflammation without harsh side effects!

I'll walk you through the essential steps so that you can Finally feel Amazing Again!! 

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Fire Cider Workshop

Join This Fire Cider Workshop & Let’s Make Some Tasty Medicine Together

The Workshop Is Just Over An Hour

Inside You’ll Get: 

  • To Learn The Medicinal Properties Of 20 + Foods & Herbal Remedies
  • How To Boost Your Immune System
  • Promote A Heath Gut
  • A Downloadable Shopping List 
  • The Recipe Download
  • Forever Access To The Class

This is a recorded live lesson, and jam packed with so much herbal wisdom and fun too! 

Plus, you'll get access to the Herbalist's Path Community to connect with many others on this herb learning path with you!

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