The Herbalists Path

The Herbalists Path

Hosted by: Mountain Mel Mutterspaugh

The Herbalist’s Path is on a Mission to Inspire a Movement where there’s a Herbalist in every home, again! Run by your Host Mountain Mel, you’ll hear interviews with fellow herbalists who will talk about their path to...


3 Herbs To Reduce Inflammation In Your Gut

Season #3 Episode #46

Stuck with Brain Fog? Irritability? Stubborn Weight Gain? Random Rashes? Or Tons Of Tummy Troubles?The reality is that the key to your health lies in your gut. Fortunately there are herbs that can help you get...
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Botany, Community, & Passion w/ Shana Lipner Grover

Season #2 Episode #45

Discover the herbalist journey of brilliant herbal educator, botanist, community connector, and all over beautiful human, Shana Grover of Sage Country Herbs!Shana's journey began as a youngin' that loved to be out in...
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Spice Up Your Health with Cinnamon & A Heart Healthy Shrub Recipe Too!

Season #2 Episode #44

The holiday season has us snacking on tasty treats everywhere we turn. Most of the time, they're loaded with sugar and other unhealthy options, but in good news, Cinnamon, one of the stars of the season has a wide...
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Seed Saving, Homesteading, & Herbalism w/ Bevin Cohen

Season #2 Episode #43

Imagine your life where you're so connected and rooted to the ways of the Earth, that not only do you grow your own food, but you also make your own medicine, and make your own cold pressed oils out of the plants you...
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Elderberry Syrup!! How to Kick the Flu Before You Can Say "Achoo!"

Season #1 Episode #42

It's Autumn here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA-- leaves are changing, rain is starting to fall, the kids are back to school. That also means the petri dish is open for business. And after not spending much time...
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Lemon Balm is for Kids! (But Not Just for Kids)

Season #1 Episode #41

Silly parents, Lemon Balm is for kids!....Well, it’s for you grown-ups out there too. Lemon Balm is on my list of favorite plant friends not just because we share a name (Melissa officinalis is her given name), but...
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SwapCast! Sharing Space & Insight w/ the Plant Cunning Podcast

Season #1 Episode #40

Well, this episode is a mighty special episode! I had the fantastically fun honor of doing a pod swap with my friends over at the Plant Cunning Podcast, herbalist A.C. Stauble and her partner, permaculturist Isaac...
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Stewardship & Sustainability with Author/Herbalist Christa Sinadinos

Season #1 Episode #39

I am so excited to have had this opportunity to sit down with herbalist, educator, & author Christa Sinodinos. In this episode we share with each other philosophies of responsible education, sustainable...
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Healing The Body & The Mind From The Root Cause with Brooke Aichroth

Season #1 Episode #38

This episode finds me in conversation with Brooke Aichroth, an herbalist and healer right down the road from us, here on Mt. Hood. Although not at the same time, Brooke & I share some education history with Vital...
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The Dandy Dandelion and Why She Deserves Better

Season #1 Episode #37

So a little while ago, my podcast editor requested an episode on dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). As an herbalist, I assume everyone knows all about dandelion because it’s such a stand out plant friend thanks to all...
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First Aid Herbs For Summer Time Fun & Adventures

Season #1 Episode #36

Hello, herbalists. The sun is shining, the air is warming, it’s the time of the season for my favorite thing: GETTING OUTSIDE! WOO HOO! So many adventures await us around every corner. If you’re like me & my...
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Jim McDonald Loves Sustainability, Teaching, and Weeds!

Episode #35

What can we say about Jim McDonald? He’s quirky, funny, talented, knowledgeable, and kind. In this super-fun conversation, I get down and dirty with Jim talking about sustainability and conservation, stewardship, and...
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