Seed Saving, Homesteading, & Herbalism w/ Bevin Cohen

Season #2 Episode #43

Imagine your life where you're so connected and rooted to the ways of the Earth, that not only do you grow your own food, but you also make your own medicine, and make your own cold pressed oils out of the plants you grow or harvest around you.

Sounds pretty dreamy, and perhaps "simple", right?!
Well in the latest podcast episode on The Herbalist's Path, I had the honor of chatting with Bevin Cohen of Small House Farm.  He's a seed saver, author, medicine maker, homesteader, educator, and runs his family business right from his land.

He authored 3 lovely books that can help you get on your way to being able to live more in tune with the and, and at peace with nature.

Check them out:
From Our Seeds and Their Keepers: A Collection of Stories
Saving Our Seeds: The Practice & Philosophy &
The Artisan Herbalist: Making Teas, Tinctures, and Oils at Home

Bevin's story is beautiful, how he was inspired by his grandmother, and Wintergreen as a young boy galivanting through the woods.

It's absolutely a must listen episode!

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