The Herbalists Path

The Herbalists Path

Hosted by: Mountain Mel Mutterspaugh

The Herbalist’s Path is on a Mission to Inspire a Movement where there’s a Herbalist in every home, again! Run by your Host Mountain Mel, you’ll hear interviews with fellow herbalists who will talk about their path to...


Herbal Friends for your Medicinal Garden

Episode #34

We’re back! And I hope you left some room in your garden plot because in this episode I’m going to share with you five MORE of my favorite plants that are must-haves for my medicinal garden. And they may be for you...
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5 Must Grow Herbs For Your Medicinal Garden

Season #1 Episode #33

Spring is springing! Let’s get those gardens growing! Wouldn’t it be just the best thing ever if the medicine you & your family would like to have on hand is available in a living form in your own yard? You can...
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How Amanda Furbee Found & Followed her Herbalist's Path

Season #1 Episode #32

Hi everyone. I’m so excited for this episode’s guest! Her name is  Amanda Furbee, owner of the Herb Shoppe on Mississippi and Portland, Oregon. In this episode, Amanda and I will talk plants, formulating, our...
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An Herb Day Tribute to Cascade Anderson Geller

Season #1 Episode #31

HAPPY HERB DAY! How lucky I am to be able to live up here on Mt. Hood, a place with so much abundance of life especially in the Spring. In fact, this episode was recorded out in my local forested riverway. And as I...
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Nourishing Nettles: Medicinal Zing Worth the Sting

Season #1 Episode #30

This episode is about Nettles. Yes, “those”nettles. Urtica diotica. The “stinging” ones. But there’s a ton of medicinal zing other than the (still medicinal) sting. How about a nettle tea? Or nettle Pesto?...
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30 Years of Herbalism with Elaine Sheff

Season #1 Episode #29

In this episode, I get to chat with clinical herbalist, author, & teacher Elaine Sheff about her 30 years journeying down the Herbalist’s Path. We discuss favorite books and favorite teachers. I also ask Elaine...
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Getting Connected with Herbalist, Liz Neves

Season #1 Episode #28

Today's podcast is a super special treat. I had the honor of interviewing Liz Neves, a beautiful herbalist and healer, dream guide, reiki practitioner, living and teaching in Lenapehoking (mainly Brooklyn, NY). She's...
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Using Herbs To Keep You Warm During A Winter Storm

Season #1 Episode #27

Did you get hit by all those wild winter storms? Here at our home on Mt. Hood in Oregon, we had 21 inches of snow fall; places west are covered freezing rain. Jack Frost has certainly had his way with us all here,...
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Licorice Root: the Sweeter Side of Gut Health

Season #1 Episode #26

This episode is all about licorice. No, not Twizzlers. Nor Red Vines. Licorice root is our star today, and good for our bodies in so many ways. Glycyrrhiza glabra is the Latin name of this particular plant. The...
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Herbs to Rev Your Digestive Fire!

Season #1 Episode #25

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Trust your gut,” right? There might be more truth in that statement than you might think. Our gut is about digestion --all about the power of our digestive organs to process and absorb...
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3 Herbs for Inflammation in the Gut

Season #1 Episode #24

Hey, first podcast of 2021! Since the whole world is hollering “New year, new you!”,  I figured I'd talk about how you can work on healing your body from the inside out. So I'm just going to share with you a few of my...
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Using Bitter Herbs for Better Gut Health

Season #1 Episode #23

Gut check! Check 1...Check 2… Is your Digestion in Question?I don’t know about you, but holiday merriment and comfort food indulgence have left my digestion a bit questionable. So I figured we would do a little...
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