The Herbalists Path

The Herbalists Path

Hosted by: Mountain Mel Mutterspaugh

The Herbalist’s Path is a podcast on a Mission to Inspire a Movement where there’s a Herbalist in every home, again! Run by your Host Mountain Mel, you’ll hear interviews with fellow herbalists who will talk about...


Herbs to Rev Your Digestive Fire!

Season #1 Episode #25

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Trust your gut,” right? There might be more truth in that statement than you might think. Our gut is about digestion --all about the power of our digestive organs to process and absorb...
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3 Herbs for Inflammation in the Gut

Season #1 Episode #24

Hey, first podcast of 2021! Since the whole world is hollering “New year, new you!”,  I figured I'd talk about how you can work on healing your body from the inside out. So I'm just going to share with you a few of my...
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Using Bitter Herbs for Better Gut Health

Season #1 Episode #23

Gut check! Check 1...Check 2… Is your Digestion in Question?I don’t know about you, but holiday merriment and comfort food indulgence have left my digestion a bit questionable. So I figured we would do a little...
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Herbalism for Kids of All Ages: Kristine Brown's Herbalist's Path

Season #1 Episode #22

In this episode, I’m talking with educator, author, herbalist Kristine Brown. Kristine has devoted much of her life to creating herbal education curriculum for our youngest budding herbalists. We talk about how she...
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How Adaptogens Can Help You Through Tough Stressful Times

Season #1 Episode #21

It's no secret that life has been mighty tough for the majority of people these days. Whether these times have you suffering from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, immune issues, or emotional trauma, adaptogenic herbs...
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Plant Spirit Medicine & The Lessons From Plants, with Scott Kloos

Season #1 Episode #20

“I’m so grateful to be living in times like this that demand so much of me.”You know, we’ve spent a lot of time learning about plants. Have you ever stopped to wonder what we could learn from plants? Scott Kloos has....
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Culinary Herbs, Part 2: The Medicinal Side of the Sweets In Your Holiday Treats!

Season #1 Episode #19

Welcome back for the second part of our exploration of the herbal medicine chest in your cabinet! Last episode,we talked about savory culinary herbs and how they can help you & your family. In this episode, we’ll...
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Culinary Herbs, Part 1: Savory Medicine Already in your Pantry!

Season #1 Episode #18

Did you know that there might be a whole entire medicine chest in your kitchen cupboard?As your cooking for the holidays, we’re going to look at what herbal goodness we can slip into your meals (savory) & treats...
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How Stress Can Lower Your Immune System

Season #1 Episode #17

How does stress impact your immune system?Have you ever been super stressed out, spread way too thin, and next thing you know, you’ve gotten sick (which certainly doesn’t help the stress!)? Well, stress and what it...
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Immune Stimulant Herbs, Antivirals, Antibacterials, What The Heck Are They & When Do I Need Them?

Season #1 Episode #16

We’ve all heard that we should take echinacea for a cold, or garlic is good for you, or elderberry. All of it’s true, but have you ever wondered why or how these plants work their magic? This episode is a big shout...
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The Educator/Activist Path of Nicole Telkes

Season #1 Episode #15

Nicole Telke is a practicing herbalist, educator and activist. In 2009 she became a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild.  Nicole has practiced, collected herbs, and taught since 2000, and has...
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Improve Respiratory Health With These 5 Herbs

Season #1 Episode #14

“When we draw in a breath, we share that air with all other human beings and all other life on our planet. Through respiration, our oneness with trees becomes a manifest fact, and our communion with the oceans has...
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