Helping Natural Minded Moms Use Herbal Medicine

In A Safe & Effective Way

So You Can Keep Your Family Healthy & Well

Without Having To Rely On The Drug Store Shelves

Learn All The Herb Things Here

Helping Natural Minded Moms Use Herbal 


In A Safe & Effective Way

So You Can Keep Your Family Healthy & Well

Learn All The Herb Things!

Learn How To Make Tasty, Effective Natural Remedies

So You Can Stop Relying On The Drugstore Shelves & Take Better Care Of Your Family

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I've Got A Hunch You're Here Because…

  • You’re sick of relying on our broken western medical system, and you just want something better for your kids and your family
  • You know that the stuff on the drug store shelves is filled with nasty, toxic chemicals that are no good for you & you're ready for something better!
  • You’ve dabbled in herbal remedies, but aren’t quite sure if you’re doing it right, or if they’re safe for your kids
  • You just want to feel more independent and secure when it comes to your family’s health care, and maybe even save a couple bucks while you do it

The Coolest Thing Is...

Herbalism Is The Most Sustainable Way To Keep Your Family Healthy

It’s Better For You
It’s Better For The Planet
& It’s Better For Your Wallet

And when you start learning how to heal your family with plants you grow, and remedies you make, you’ll start to feel like the most empowered superhero mom around!

Just imagine the feeling you’ll have the first time you reach for a remedy for your kids, and it actually works! If you’re like so many of the moms I’ve helped you’ll start to have a sense of inner knowing and peace that you’ve never felt before! 

Image of Mel Mutterspaugh, founder of The Herbalist's Path in front of a field of flowers

Hi, I'm Mel

I'm a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, mother, wilderness therapist, medicine maker, podcast host on The Herbalist's Path, and the founder of Apothecary Momma. I live in the foothills of Mount Hood, Oregon with my family and our fur babies!

I am super passionate about teaching mommas to use plants as medicine in safe and effective ways, so that there can be an herbalist in every home... AGAIN! It's all about inspiring you to take better care of our planet, through taking better care of yourself & your family. 

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Apothecary Momma Herbal Mentorship

Apothecary Momma

An herbal mentorship for moms with live classes to take the overwhelm out of plant medicine

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All The Herb Things

Freebies, classes, courses, and all the herbal resources. All the goods you need to walk your herbalist's path

Gimme All The Herb Things
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Medicine Makin' Momma

Make your own herbal medicine, so you don't have to rely on the nasty yuck stuff on drug store shelves

Make Great Medicine!


A Podcast With Herbal Tips For Mommas & Interviews With Top Herbalists


I am a student of Mel's and have learned soooo much in less than a year from her. My kids are now asking me for herbal medicine versus the stuff they were use to previously. Highly recommend Apothecary Momma! We learn so much & have fun & get to connect with other moms. Join us!

Sarah S.

Hi, I'm Margie, I've been studying herbs for a long time. I've completed my beginner and Intermediate classes at the Herbal academy and I have my diploma in herbal astrology,  still feel I have so much more to learn. Mel is so upbeat and everything she teaches is not over your head. I'm excited to be here.

Margie V

Mel Helps you see how diving into the world of herbalism can enhance your life and help the planet. I have taken countless classes from this amazing human. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a charm and approachability that makes learning from her easy and fun.

Jess B.

Mel is like a shiny radiant herbal fairy, and all I want to do is focus and absorb, and be a part of the hum- her energy is so big and amazing! It's so obvious her whole heart and soul is in it, and that she cares so deeply about sharing - a wise sage, that isn't boring! It's fun to listen to her and hear what's coming next. I appreciate how she lightens the tone and keeps it relaxed, fun, and full of info. And really a seeker - I can't stop eating information lol. I'm a how does it tick type, so knowing about Immunity is blowing my mind I love it seriously, this is amazing - look the afternoon off so I could dive In!! Yay!! So grateful for Mel, really.

Amanda S.


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