A Free 4 Day Event To Help Moms

Who Want To Heal Their Family Naturally


February 27th- March 1st 2024 


Join 26 Natural Healthcare Experts &
Discover The Best Holistic Healing Methods So You Can
Stop Relying On The Overpriced Drugstore Shelves!

Watch the video below to learn how this FREE event will help you take a more natural approach to your family's health


Holistic healing for your family takes a whole lot more than popping the latest and greatest protein powder into your smoothie each day.

Or loading that fancy diffuser up, so the good smells permeate your home.

You’re getting a lot of things right:

✔ You’re starting to buy more organic foods

✔ You're drinking more herbal teas

✔ You've stopped using harsh chemicals in your laundry 

✔ And you're using the natural lotions


You’re still not seeing the results you want, sneaking to the drugstore every time someone gets a cold, and getting the runaround when you ask your doctor for answers.

mom and daughter playing outside in the sun, enjoying nature and feeling healthy

Maybe right now you…

Are being told that some pill is the only way to make things better for your kids

Are overwhelmed searching Google for the best natural remedies

Don’t want to buy the toxic stuff on the drugstore shelves any more

Are sick of being stuck in the western medical system's trap, prioritizing sick-care over health-care

Don't know who to trust or where to turn to for safe, reliable information

There has got to be a better way!

You dream of finding a way to heal your family,  without spending a fortune on supplements, or hours running to doctors appointments.

How would it feel to…

Have your natural medicine chest stocked with everything you need

Never have to use tylenol, or the nasty, bright blue syrupy stuff every again

Know how to heal your family, and feel confident you’re doing it right

This is exactly what you’ll experience at the Holistically Healthy Family Summit!


During The Holistically Healthy Family Summit you'll learn to stop relying on overpriced drugstore shelves

Instead you'll learn how to use natural remedies for your family’s healthcare needs




Hi, I’m Mel! 

I’m a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, mom to a goofy 10-year-old daughter, podcast host at The Herbalist’s Path, and creator of the Apothecary Momma Herbal Mentorship, where I help moms learn to use herbs and plant medicine in a safe and effective way.

With over 20 years of experience in herbal medicine, I’m on a mission to help there be an herbalist in every home… AGAIN! And that starts with you!

Grab your ticket and join me and 24 Holistic Health Practitioners experts for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you learn to heal your family naturally.


I can’t wait to see you there!


What to expect at The Holistically Healthy Family Summit

When and Where

The Holistically Healthy Family Summit will run from February 27th - March 1st, 2024, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Expert Sessions

Attend presentations from our lineup of 26 speakers with trainings on natural remedies for sleep health, immune function, ADHD management, anxiety, and more.  Your free ticket includes 48-hour access to each presentation during the week of the summit.

Private Community

You’ll also have access to our private Facebook community of natural-minded moms  like you who are already hanging out and learning to heal their family, naturally!  This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers and other attendees before and during the event!

Chances to Win

You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by showing up and participating throughout the summit. Be sure to keep an eye out for your BINGO card and come hang out with us in the Facebook community for chances to win prizes including access to the Apothecary Momma Herbal Mentorship, Herbal products , a healthy eating cook-book, incredible natural products and more!

Scholarships To The Apothecary Momma Herbal Mentorship!

All attendees will  have the opportunity to apply for two scholarships to the Apothecary Momma Herbal Mentorship. Perfect for you if you're seeking to bring more plant medicine into your life, and heal your family with herbs!

Upgrade for a VIP Experience!

After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the Natural Family Toolkit which includes ongoing access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, premium bonuses from our speakers, and more! You’ll get all the details (and a special offer) after grabbing your free ticket!


This isn't just another MLM company "party" telling you their products are the only way to go natural

You don’t need another summit run by an MLM company, teaching you that essential oils are the only way to heal. It's about a holistic, whole body, mind, and soul experience!
And you
definitely don’t have time to sit through long presentations to learn something you could have found with a quick Google search. 

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at this event. 

The Holistically Healthy Family was specifically created for natural moms like you. 

  • You know there’s a better way than what the doctors have been saying
  • You’ve started to dabble in natural remedies, but you’re ready to go in all the way
  • You’re committed to choosing more natural and alternative (how did this become the ‘alternative’ anyway?) ways to heal your family

Instead of popping more overly hyped supplements, this summit is about helping you heal your family with a holistic approach.

Meet the Speakers

Check out the incredible lineup of Natural Health Professionals you’ll learn from at The Holistically Healthy Family Summit!

Day 1 Presentations

Dr. Julia Britz   

The Med Free ADHD Child: Managing Screen Time Addiction & Focus

Dr. Katie Wood

Natural Remedies Uncovered: A Holistic Pharmacist's Approach

Dr. Meera Dossa

Too Young to Care About Environmental Toxins? Think Again!

Amber Benge

Grow Your Own: A Quick Start Guide to Growing Food and Medicine at Home

Haley Scheich

Ultra Processed Kids in an Ultra Processed World

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Keep You and Your Child Healthy and Cavity Free for Life!

Chris Alstat 

Herbal Bonding: Immune Remedy Making with Your Children

Khyati Desai-Seltzer 

Why (Infant) Massage is the Missing Tool in Your Mom Toolbox

Mel Mutterspaugh

Herbal First Aid Essentials Every Family Needs

Day 2 Presentations

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum

Nurturing Infant and Child Sleep Builds Lifelong Health

Dr. Erika Siegel ND LAc

Supporting & Healing The Digestive System For Kids (& Adults)

Jacquelyn Clemmons

Postpartum is Forever: A Smart Mama's Guide to A Healthy Postpartum Experience!

Krista Rivet, CCH

Homeopathy For Family Healing

Dr. Jordi Smith

How to Support Your Child During Antibiotics

Renae Fieck

How to Leverage Your Menstrual Cycle for More Time, Energy, & Mom-Sanity

Elaine Sheff

Making Your Own Herbal Lip Balm For Healthier Lips & A Healthier Life

Rebecca Desnos

Natural Dyes For A Healthier Family

Mel Mutterspaugh

Sleepy Time Herbs So The Whole Family Can Get Some Zzzz's

Day 3 Presentations

Greer McGuinness
Toxins In Kids: How Toxins Are Impacting Our Kids Health

Dr. Cherry Jones, LMFT

Nurturing our Children's Hearts and Minds

Dr. Orna Izakson
Flower Power: Adding Flower Essences to Your Home Health Toolkit

Randa Sultan
Breathwork and Mindfulness as Natural Tools For Nervous System Regulation (Mamas and kiddos)

Andrea Shuman, C.A.P
Overprescribing in Mental Health

Beth Bollinger

Eating for Optimal Health and Blood Sugar Balance

Natalie Juardo

How Magnesium Can Improve Your Family's Health

Tanya Anderson
Natural Soapmaking for Beginners; For Healthier Skin, and a Healthier Family

Mel Mutterspaugh
The Most Effective Herbal Remedies For Coughs & Sore Throats

As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, this is an event you do not want to miss.

Click below to grab your free ticket and join us for The Holistically Healthy Family Summit!


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You're ready to experience true

natural health for your family!

It’s time to stop chasing the instant fix pills, and finally learn to heal your family naturally.

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