Kid Safe Herb Club


Discover, Learn, Heal: One Herb At A Time


Kid Friendly, Mother-Approved:

Kid Safe Herb Club Is Your Monthly Dose Of Herbal Wisdom


The seeds to the Kid Safe Herb Club are just being planted, and I need your help to make it blossom into the best platform for herbal learning. 

As a founding member of this club, you will be locked in at this low $7 price for life. That means as it grows, so does your herbal learning library & access to all the goodies to come.

This club is all about helping you grow your herbal knowledge and take the overwhelm out of learning about herbal medicine, by taking it one herb at a time.

When you take the time to dive deep and learn about one herb at a time, you open up a whole new level of herbal wisdom that will take you from "Oh, I use that herb for this one thing..." to being able to use one herb for MANY uses. 

This is truly the most empowering way to boost your confidence using herbal medicine, without having to dedicate many hours a month to your studies. Welcome to a new club that values you & your child's curiosity, and your journey towards sustainability and health.



Here's the break down of what's comin' to ya...

  • Foundation of Herbal Knowledge & Safety Module ($27 value)
    • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Herbal Medicine
    • Lesson 2 - Safe Use of Herbs
    • Lesson 3 - Understanding Herbal Actions
  • Understanding and Identifying Herbs Module ($27 value)
    • Lesson 1 - Botany Basics for Herbalists
    • Lesson 2 - Plant Parts
    • Lesson 3 - Leaf Shapes
    • Lesson 4 - Flower Parts
    • Lesson 5 - Seed Identification
  • Sustainable Herbal Practices Module ($47)
    • Lesson 1 - Growing Your Own Herbs:
    • Lesson 2 - Wildcrafting and Foraging:
    • Lesson 3 - Teaching Kids about Sustainability
  • Herb Of The Month Lesson where we’ll cover ($27)
    • The plant introduction and brief history
    • How to identify it
    • Growing and harvesting guide
    • An overview of actions, energetics, and system affinities
    • Practical usage for children
    • Medicinal applications for the whole family
    • Ways to make effective medicine
    • Plant medicine recipes
    • Safety warnings and contraindications
      • Each month you’ll get the video lesson
      • Cheat sheet guide for the plant
      • Herb learning journal
      • Medicinal recipes to create
  • Kid Safe Herb Club Community Forum ($27)
  • Live Herbal Show & Tell call inside the Kid Safe Herb Club community ($37)

Ask your questions, share your stories, and learn from others in the community

That’s over $190 in value for only 7 bucks.


You'll Get Immediate Access To:

  • Herb of the Month Video Lesson (new herb every month)
    • Understand the basics without the overwhelm: get to know this plant from root to leaf.
    • Practical applications, kid-friendly uses, and safety warnings that you can trust.
    • Download the slides to read along or use for future reference  
  • Herb Of The Month Recipes
    • Easy to craft recipes that you can make with your kids, and will be awesome medicine for the whole family 
  • Herb Learning Journal
    • Deepen your understanding and have fun documenting your herbal adventure. 
  • Herbal Actions Cheat Sheet
    • A quick and handy reference for those just beginning their herbal journey.
  • Herbal Safety Checklist
    • You know, cause safety matters!


Bonus #1 For Being A Founding Member:

  • Herbal Tea Blending Activity Station 
    • A fun, hands-on activity for you and your child to explore the art of herbal tea blending




The Kid Safe Herb Club is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and inspired in your herbal knowledge & KNOWING when an herb is actually safe for your kids.

And don’t worry, kid safe doesn’t mean it’s not good for you too, in fact kid safe herbs are amazing for parents! It’s the adult safe herbs that we have to worry about for kids. 

Whether you're an eco-conscious parent striving for a more sustainable life,  you’ve been dabbling in holistic health for a while and are ready to take it more seriously, or a you’re a homeschooler looking to find ways to implement this knowledge for your kids, this club will provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment to learn & grow.

 Kid Safe Herb Club founding members price is just $7 a month, or buy the annual membership for $70, and  be locked in at this price for as long as you remain a member!

Join Us Now For The Cost Of A Latte!



Feelin' like this club isn't your jam? You can cancel any time you need, no questions asked, but at this price, we don't think you'll want to!

What People Are Saying:

Mel's enthusiasm for plants is infectious. Her classes feel more like a fun gathering than a learning activity, keeping everyone engaged and not feeling like you are being overwhelmed with information, but absorbing it all at the same time. Phrases such as 'Calendula is my friendula' are forever etched in my brain. Her classes have definitely had a positive impact on the health of myself and my family. Things such as elderberry syrup and fire cider have become staples in my household that we make every sick season thanks to her classes. Mel is my favorite teacher and I am thankful for every lesson she has taught me.

Cari G.

Mel helps you see how diving into the world of herbalism can enhance your life and help the planet. I have taken countless classes from this amazing human. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a charm and approachability that makes learning from her easy and fun.

Jessica B.

Mel is like a shiny radiant herbal fairy, and all I want to do is focus and absorb, and be a part of the hum- her energy is so big and amazing! Its so obvious her whole heart and soul is in it, and that she cares so deeply about sharing- a wise sage, that isn't boring! It’s fun to listen to her, and hear what's coming next. I appreciate how she lightens the tone, and keeps it relaxed, fun, and full of info. I love it. Seriously, this is amazing- I took the afternoon off, so I could dive in!!! YAY!!! 💚 SO grateful for Mel. Really.

Amanda S.

$70.00 USD

Every year

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*The information I’ve provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.
*Always remember to contact your healthcare provider when considering the use of botanical medicine as a possible treatment option and medical considerations. While the information in this program is absolutely relevant, herbs work differently for each person and each condition.

 *I am a trained herbalist and not a licensed or registered healthcare practitioner. I cannot diagnose health conditions, nor prescribe medicines legally; I am not a medical doctor. However, I will recommend or suggest medicinal herbs for various health complaints, as I do believe in the safety and efficacy of botanical medicine and lifestyle changes.

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