Make Your Own Herbal Cough Lozenges

Be prepared to combat cold season with this plant-powered recipe

There's a lot of people rolling around our neck of the woods suffering from dry hacking coughs.  I figured it would be great to share a recipe to make your own cough lozenges.  It's so empowering to be able to create your own medicine just how you need it, specifically for yourself and  your family. I've said it before and I'll say it again: there should be an herbalist in every family!  

So, maybe you've done something like this before, or maybe you haven't, either way I encourage you to try this recipe next time a sore throat creeps your way.

Dry Throat Herbal Lozenges



  1. Combine marshmallow...
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Make Your Own Fire Cider

Now that the cooler weather is here, I wanted to share an amazing Fire Cider Recipe with you. Fire Cider is a traditional folk remedy to warm the body and stimulate the immune system. It can be used to ward off cold and flu, aid the digestive system, warm the body during cold months, improve circulation, and much more.  Some people use it as a salad dressing, some take it as a shot whenever they feel the need. Since it is a home remedy, you can use it any way you see fit, or that your body tells you to. It has been used for hundreds of years and re-popularized in the 70’s by the lovely, kind and brilliant herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.

I want to extend a huge dose of gratitude to some fellow herbalists for spending the last five years in a legal battle to defend our rights to make Fire Cider, and call it Fire Cider.  Rosemary GladstarNicole Telkes of Wildflower School of Botanical MedicineMary Blue of Farmacy Herbs, and Kathi Langelier...

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Herbs to Ease Stress & Anxiety

Have you been feeling a bit stressed, anxious, nervous, angry, or worried as all get out lately? With all that is happening in our world today, it’s no wonder you may be feeling this way. I know I have, and it makes it really hard to focus and do good work. Our world is a tough place to be right now. 

This is a time where plants and herbs can offer your nervous system some much needed support. While they can’t fix all of the suffering happening today, they can provide you a sense of peace and calm, and give you the extra strength it takes to make it through tough times. Taking care of yourself makes it so you can rise up and share the special gifts that you have to make this world a better place. We need you right now!

I’m going to share with you some of the best herbs to support your nervous system. But first I’ll give you a quick introduction to two categories of herbs and their actions that help support your nerves. They are:


Nervines are a...

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How To Make Elderberry Popsicles

Sure, Elderberry Syrup is super yummy, but what about Elderberry Syrup Popsicles?! This is a summertime favorite around our house and a really great way to pack in some nutrition and immune-boosting elderberries. You're going to love them!

My daughter loves these popsicles so much, she wants to run around and share them with all of the neighborhood kids and set up a popsicle stand outside.  This kid is on to something, maybe she’ll be a businesswoman like her mama?

No clue what Elderberries are, and why people would make popsicles of them? It's ok! You can learn more about Elderberry's immune-boosting properties over here.

Anyway, I’ve tried to make these various ways, and I think I finally came up with a super rockin’ recipe! Check it out, try it, and let me know what you think.

Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup Popsicles

Immune Boosting Elderberry Popsicle Recipe

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The Herbalists Path Podcast

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2020
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