Stop Relying On 'Big Pharma' For Your Family's Health! 

The Most Powerful Remedies Are Right Inside Your Spice Rack! 

Discover how you can make safe, effective, & simple remedies that actually taste great!
So that you can take better care of yourself & your Family!
It's All Inside The 10 Medicinal Herb Swaps From Your Kitchen Cabinet Class

 You're About To Discover...

✅ 10 Easy herbal medicine swaps you can make right now with the natural remedies you already have in your kitchen cabinet. 

✅ How you can save yourself time, money, and stress instead of another trip to the pharmacy.

✅ How you can take your family's health back into your own hands with the herbs and spices you already know and love!

✅ Irresistible recipes you can start incorporating into your meal plan this week.

✅The dirty secrets big pharma doesn’t want you to know ~ and how you can use it to your advantage.

PLUS my very BEST tricks to get your kiddos to take their medicine and say "more please!"! 😋


Discover The Remedies You Already Have

When You Join Me Inside...


In This Class You Will...

Discover 10 Easy Herbal Medicine Swaps You Can Make Right Now...


With the herbs and spices you likely have inside your kitchen cabinet. Or, shall we call it a medicine cabinet? Discover how you can start your very own home apothecary with the plants you already know and trust.

Steal Over A Dozen Delicious Recipes You Can Make In Minutes


Download my personal collection of easy and effective recipes to save yourself time, money, and stress ~ instead of heading to the pharmacy. 

PLUS My Very Best Tips For Getting Your Kids To Take Herbal Remedies And LOVE Them!


Let's face it. Getting kids to take healthy remedies, or anything healthy for that matter, can be a HUGE challenge. So, I'm going to share with you 3 of my BEST tricks for herbal remedies that the kiddos can't resist!

Learning Herbal Medicine Can Be Easy!

Start Simple With These Ten Must Know Kitchen Remedies

$27!? HECK YEAH, I'M IN!

Why Students Are In Love With This Class

“I wanted to thank you Mel Mutterspaugh so much for sharing this amazing information with us!! I never knew that the spices and herbs I have in my kitchen could make many different things needed to help my family. I took lots of notes and enjoyed listening to you and your story about your dream messages brought me to tears! You have found your life purpose and it shows truly shining so bright with your smile and the way you understand and can share about plants to everyone!! The information was easy to understand and I really appreciate you answering questions and giving us reputable places to purchase the things we need. Thank you again for sharing this training and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of this!! Can't wait to try my fire cider and share with family and friends 🙂 Big hugs and many thanks to you and your knowledge!!”

⁓ Chelsea P.

“Thank you for including me in the workshop! I learned a lot and am super excited to try all the recipes you so generously gave us. You gave us so much good information in a short amount of time, without it feeling rushed or overwhelming. Although I wasn’t able to catch the videos live, I appreciate that I could watch them when it was convenient for me and you still responded to my questions I posted. Your passion and love for plants and the Earth is apparent, as you light up when you talk about them. 💖”

⁓ Christen

“I absolutely loved this series. You gave me the oomph to quit standing on the sidelines and dig in to the knowledge of what's already in the kitchen to make us feel better. I have dabbled with herbs for several years but really feel renewed energy and interest to keep exploring for more that works for us. Thank you again. I will also be following you and your sites from now on.
You are my herb guru.”

⁓ Michelle

Herbal Medicine Can Be Easy!

Learn How To Transform Your Spice Cabinet Into Your Very Own Herbal Apothecary