Herbs To Help Kids Thrive In School  

Whether it's an inability to focus, struggling with anxiety over tests, or catching every bug that flies by, the schoolyear can be tough. It's time to discover the best herbs to support your kids throughout the whole year!
Watch Your Kids Thrive!

Apothecary Momma Mentorship

Discover the best remedies from pregnancy to emptying the nest. From cradle cap to acne covered skin, we'll cover it all inside Apothecary Momma, so that you can take your family's health back into your own hands.

Become An Apothecary Momma!

5 Essential Herbs For Your Home

When you learn how to use one plant in many ways, you begin to open up  worlds of natural healing for yourself and your family. It's a feeling of empowerment like no other! You can be the empowered healer of your home! 

Learn The 5 Essential Herbs

Making Herbal Tinctures & Glycerites  

Discover The Most Simple & Effective Ways To Make Your Herbal Tinctures. Stop guessing and start to make your tinctures with confidence, so you can save time & money, as you take the best care of your family! 
Start Makin' Bomb Tinctures

Medicine From Your Kitchen Cabinet 

The Most Powerful Remedies Are Right Inside Your Spice Rack! You can make safe, effective, and simple remedies that actually taste great! So you can take better care of yourself and your family!

Make Kitchen Medicine