Finding Hope After Pregnancy & Infant Loss: An Intimate Discussion with Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox standing in a beautiful field for a pregnancy photo shoot
Pregnancy, or infant loss is a journey no one wishes to embark on, but when it occurs, it becomes such an important part of one's personal story. In the realms of motherhood and fertility, this trek has led many women to an intersection of grief, resilience, and hope. In light of this, we reach out to women who have navigated this challenging path, delivering a beacon of strength, companionship, and solace for those riding the same storm.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Sarah Cox, Sarah, a mom who bravely faced infertility and pregnancy loss, and turned herb personal adversity into a platform for support, empowerment, and advocacy.  Wanna check it out in the podcast version? I got you, just scroll to the bottom!


Navigating Through Loss 

Sarah shares 3 phases of her story: loss, healing, and the birth of her rainbow babies. The conversation began by discussing these elements and how she balanced her personal struggles amid life's tumultuous waves. Sarah candidly discussed the reality of processing grief while continuing life as a busy mom.


Sarah is also the heart behind the Finding Hope After Loss podcast. Through personal stories and expert interviews, she sheds light on topics like miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility. With warmth and empathy, Sarah creates a safe space for open discussions, offering understanding, support, and valuable resources. If you've navigated the challenging journey of infertility or loss, this podcast is a powerful healing tool. Tune in for stories that resonate, guidance on processing emotions, and ways to find hope on your path.


Rainbow Babies

The term "rainbow baby," as Sarah explained, symbolizes a baby born after experiencing a loss. This beautiful life represents the hope after a storm and the joy of realizing that hope.  Sarah understands the rollercoaster of emotions - from guilt to joy, anger to anticipation - that accompanies the journey of welcoming a rainbow baby.


Sarah also created Project Finding Your Rainbow. A beautiful initiative where a rainbow skirt travels from one strong loss mom to the next, capturing their stories and photos. These shared moments, featured on the blog and social media, showcase how women navigate life after pregnancy/infant loss – finding their unique rainbow. Whether it's welcoming another baby, focusing on health, embracing fostering or adoption, or any other path, this project beautifully documents diverse journeys. Inspired by her own experiences, Sarah started this project to break the silence around pregnancy and infant loss, creating a supportive space for sharing stories and raising awareness. The skirt has become a beautiful symbol of love, life, and healing, and has served as a physical representation of support and unity among the women who've worn it and the stories they share on her podcast.

It's a powerful way to celebrate resilience and the varied ways we find hope after loss.


Coping Mechanisms After Loss

In the midst of her journey, Sarah discovered her two most powerful coping mechanisms: acupuncture and the art of writing. These weren't just outlets; they were therapeutic allies, harmonizing the physical and emotional aspects of her healing. Beyond that, the magic happened when she embraced support, both professional and personal. It became the rhythm in her healing process, turning a solo into a symphony of resilience and strength.



It’s so important to remember that everyone has a different journey and varying ways of finding their rainbow after a storm. However, the importance of finding support, expressing and accepting all feelings, and remembering that it's okay to find joy amid the pain is a consistent message shared by Sarah.


Having vibrant and empathetic voices like Sarah in the discourse of loss and healing provides validation and solace for those who have lost and hope for those awaiting their rainbow. It’s through these narratives that we can begin to understand and empathize with the myriad of feelings experienced by those who have faced such a heart-rending loss.


No one should ever feel alone on their journey, and in sharing her story, Sarah echoes that same sentiment. Whether it's through the powerful symbolism of a rainbow skirt or the shared personal stories on her podcast, Sarah continues to create safe spaces where shared experiences offer comfort, understanding, and, above all, the certainty of never being alone.


Want to dive deeper? Tune into the podcast episode here:

You can find Sarah at: 

And, if you’re looking for support through plant medicines to help you deal with grief, or sadness after loss, I have a workshop for you. It’s all about Herbs To Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Depression, and you can learn more about it here.


You are not alone my friend!

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