Birthing New Beginnings & Communities w/ Jacquelyn Clemmons

A beautiful photo of Jacquelyn Clemmons and a new mom who just birthed her child in the hospital
Welcome to the tranquil space where the mind, spirit, and body intersect to forge a wellspring of nurturing and inspiration. This is the space where Jacquelyn Clemmons weaves her magic, propagating the essence of community, care, and empowerment through her pioneering work at Okionu Birth Foundation. Each time I get to have a conversation with her, I’m reminded of her beautiful energy, wisdom, loving power, and unwavering passion for improving maternal health.  Wanna check it out in the podcast version? I got you, just scroll to the bottom!


The Heart of Jacquelyn Clemmons

Being a second-time guest on our platform, Jacquelyn Clemmons, a doula, the force behind the Okionu Birth Foundation, and a remarkable woman, never ceases to inspire. Having first graced us with her wisdom in 2023, her lessons on the fact that postpartum is forever have resonated deeply with our Apothecary Momma community.

The power and truth she brings to the table are transformational, encouraging reflection and understanding, bringing forth a fresh depth of insight into motherhood. It’s those very open conversations and her ability to evoke emotions in many that make her a beloved figure.


The Okionu Birth Foundation Journey

Jacquelyn's journey in maternal healthcare began organically. At just 19 years old, she started supporting a friend through her birthing journey, unknowingly stepping into the role of a doula. This early experience ignited her passion, leading her to vouch for the well-being of both the mothers in her life and her community. 

Fast-forwarding eleven years, she trained as a doula and turned her passion into a career path. Since then, Jacquelyn has thrived on serving families humbly with love and a commitment to advocacy. This commitment eventually led to the establishment of Okionu Birth Foundation in 2021.


The Foundation’s Functions

The Okionu Birth Foundation operates on a premise of care, warmth, and nourishment. Jacquelyn believes in the power of a wholesome meal and the comforting ambiance it creates. They aspire for the incoming families to feel welcomed and to share their journey over these meals. 

Equally impactful is their focus on nurturing the nurturers. They provide professionals with valuable tools to reset their bodies and release their stress. They also operate a food and diaper pantry, a comforting haven for parents needing support with their child's needs. 

The Okionu Birth Foundation sheds light on the importance of mental health, campaigns to help families navigating postpartum, and leads initiatives to advocate for the needs of low-income families. 


Their New Home 

The foundation is now based in Ashland, Oregon, a vibrant place equally filled with passion and dreams. Through their workshops and classes, they strive to influence the healing narratives in the region. Their goal is to provide families and professionals with access to nurturing tools.

Jacquelyn and the entire foundation seek to be a beacon of unity and cohesiveness in their community and are excited about the upcoming soft launch happening on March 9.



The journey of Okionu Birth Foundation and Jacquelyn Clemmons is a testament to the immense ripple effect one person filled with passion and love can create. Jacquelyn continues to inspire, nurture, and guide with her remarkable depth of insight into maternal health. Her journey underscores the importance of holistic nurture and illuminates an integrated approach in mind, body, and spirit care.



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